25 Outrageous Gag Gifts That Are Guaranteed To Make Anyone LOL Their Butt Off

If you’ve got a white elephant party coming up or you’re the prankster of your friends and family, win the day with one of these gag gifts. Once you get a reputation for giving gifts like books about crafting with cat hair, lewd laughables, completely inane stuff to stoke your friends’ sense of humor, hilarious prank boxes that hide even funnier items and oddities featuring bathroom humor, your gifts will be the most desirable at every upcoming gift exchange. Holidays coming up? Any of the funny and weird gift ideas on this list will bring a lot of laughter to any occasion, and they’ll also make a perfect stocking stuffer.


TIED RIBBONS Women’s Day Gift Hamper

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Embroidered Kurta with Pants & Dupatta

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Lavie Women’s Oval Frame Clutch

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