25 Enchanting Harry Potter Gifts As Awesome As Winning The Quidditch World Cup

The Goblet of Fire won’t be tossing out gift ideas for your favorite Harry Potter fan, but this list of gifts for Potterheads will cast a spell on your buying power and charm it so it’s better than ever. Fans of the beloved series will love any of the items on this list of Harry Potter gifts, they’re unique, they’re themed, they’re useful, they’re special, and they’re ones you might not find anywhere else.

Anyone that’s been hoping to board the Hogwarts Express since they turned eleven will feel like they’ve been to Hogwarts when they receive a genuine item of Harry Potter lore like the Marauder’s Map, items and activities that will sort them into their proper house, sweet treats they could only otherwise find at Honeyduke’s, Butterbeer inspired items they won’t find anywhere but the Three Broomsticks, supplies and books that would get them through their classes at Hogwarts, and the wardrobe items they’d need to walk the halls of the castle without getting scolded by Professor McGonagall.


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