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BookTok is a special group on TikTok where people talk about their favorite books, share recommendations, discuss different genres, and talk about authors.

More About BookTok

BookTok is the short form of “Book TikTok.”
So, what exactly is BookTok?
Well, BookTok started when people who love books began using TikTok to share their thoughts. It’s a group of readers and authors who talk about books using the hashtag #BookTok. They recommend, review, and discuss books by making fun videos. This community has significantly influenced other publishing and literary circles.

BookTok started when a TikTok user started posting videos about their favorite books. Now, most BookTok creators are women or teens who talk about different kinds of books like romance, young adult fantasy, and young adult fiction. It is said that the first user on TikTok who posted the hashtag #BookTok is widely attributed to Kathy Ellen Davis. Although is often credited as the founder of the #BookTok movement, she has pointed out that she first saw the hashtag used by Davis in 2019

BookTok became popular because many people enjoyed sharing book reviews and recommendations. A lot of TikTok users found these videos interesting and helpful. So far, BookTok videos have been viewed more than 112 billion times on TikTok.

As a reader or an author, you can gain a lot from BookTok. One big benefit is that users can help make a book popular. If you own a bookstore or work in publishing, you can join the conversations on BookTok to learn about what readers around the world like.

Today, BookTok greatly influences book trends. For example, young adult books became very popular after 2020. Adult fiction books also saw a 25% increase in sales in 2021 thanks to Book TikTok.

Some books have become bestsellers again after going viral on Book TikTok, leading to more people buying physical copies. The success of BookTok has helped the US print book market grow by 9%.

For readers, finding book recommendations on Book TikTok is very appealing. Many creators make short, easy-to-watch videos that help readers decide what to read next. You can also check out book summaries on Book TikTok to see if you want to buy a book. BookTok helps you explore both your favorite genres and new ones.

The image below shows an example of a Book TikTok post that promotes a creator’s recommendations.

What Is BookTok

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get on BookTok?

If you’re a TikTok user, you can easily join the BookTok community. Just open a TikTok account and search for #BookTok hashtags or users that interest you. Follow and interact with their content, and eventually, you can start sharing your own book-related posts too.

What is the benefit of BookTok for writers?

BookTok offers lesser-known authors an opportunity to boost visibility, gain recognition, and increase sales. Even authors of unpublished books can use this niche to freely promote their works while monetizing their content. This can help them earn an income to find an agent or publish their first novel.

Why is BookTok so popular?

BookTok is popular because it allows book lovers to discuss their favorite literature with like-minded readers. It offers book recommendations and suggestions on what to read next. Through this community, users can discover new authors and books they might not have known about otherwise.

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